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Analyzing System for Immuno Assays as RIA, IRMA, RAST, Double-labelling etc.
Expandable with further NaJ-Detectors stratec biomedical

  Technical Data:

  • Detectors 12 detectors,25 x 32 mm Nal
  • Scintillation detector 16 x 28.5 mm (Ø x depth)
  • Sample carrier Material: plastic, resistant to usual solvents
    Size: 304 x 85 x 55 (width x height x depth)

  • Shield Low intrinsic activity lead, min 6 mm on all sides
    Plus 10 mm round the detector block

  • Energy up to 150 keV / 10 … 90 keV standard
  • PC-lnterface
  • Fast, high-resolution ADC 4096 channels
  • Simultaneous measurement and storage 12 x 256 channels up to 65 k-Counts
  • Programmable HV 500 - 1500V
  • HV step size 1 ‰
  • HV power load capacity 1 mA
  • Plug-in connector for 8 bit slot
  • Power supply +5V, -12V, +12V (from PC)
  • Weight 25 kg
  • Dimensions 420 x 220 x 220 mm (width x height x depth) 
  • measurement of RIA
  • All detectors computer-stabilized
  •  Direct evaluation of measurement data
  • via standard IBM-compatible PC
  •  Simple design allows easy operation
  •  Expandable to gamma multi-detector
  • magazine sample changer
  •  Evaluation software for RIA, IRMA,
  • 12 detectors for fast, simultaneous
  • Double-labelling, RAST, SPAC ET·FT4®1)
  •  Expandable through direct connection of further
  • detectors to the PC
  •  Software lodine-Uptake, Nephrography,
  • waste water, DICOPAC, Schilling-Test e. g.
  •  Precise evaluation with control by
  • gamma-spectroscopy measurement
  •  Bidirectional on line computer link

The special characteristics of the RIA · MAS:

- Vertical design and compact structure of the
12 detector system
- 256 channel spectrometer for each detector channel
- Min. 6 mm shield of low intrinsic activity aged lead between the detectors
- 10 mm shield of low intrinisic activity aged lead round the detector block
- Clear construction
- User-friendly, menu-controlled programme with automatic fault-finding
- Clear detector function display
- Well-arranged printout-format
- Measuring and evaluating programme on diskette
- Idle time correction for high measurement accuracy by high sample activity

Special features of the scintillation detector: 
- Compact “desk-top“ design
- 2“-detector with high sensitivity for all medical radio nuclides
- Spectroscopic evaluation
- Low-priced by using the RlA-evaluation  computer
- Further detectors e. g. for lodine-Uptake connectable by computer-controlled change-over
- Small space requirement
- Quick checking and calibration
- High stability by digital measuring technique
- Low background effect
- Quick cleaning after contamination
- Simple, straight forward operation
- Measuring cycle always under control and straightforward unambiguous evaluation
- Simple replacement when altering or expanding programmes
- Possibility of data exchange with laboratory data system

Programme Description 

The programme is loaded automatically when the machine is switched on, to assume greater ease of operation.The main menu is then displayed on the monitor with the actual time and date, as the machine possesses a real-time clock with battery buffer. Either measuring and evaluating programmes or testing and check routines for control and service are carried out from the main menu. Varying responsiveness and spectral resolution of the detectors are revealed by the machine in a simple-touse alignment programme and accounted for by correcting factors in the software. In this way variations due to component parts and drifts between individual detectors are balanced out. All user input requires confirmation, so that input errors can be corrected simply and easily, except interrogations which require only the answer "yes" or "no". For user commands to the computer which trigger nonreversible functions, such as delete instructions, a double confirmation is necessary.This ensures that important and irreplaceable data is not inadvertently deleted. “Help“ functions can be called up at every point in the programme.They give the user more detailed information on the monitor on how to proceed.This nsures that the user receives a leading answer to possible consequences of his instructions to the computer which he is not able to foresee at this moment at every point in the programme. Furthermore, in almost all cases tedious looking-up in handbooks or descriptions is not necessary. Up to 120 sets of assay parameters can be preselected and stored.This is sufficient for normal laboratory and practical tasks.They include such tests as RIA, IRMA, RAST, SPAC ET FT4®1) and Double-labelled RIA. 

Quality Control 

- Display of 20 quality parameters in graphical and tabular form
- up to 50 for each of the 120 parameters (600 in total) for long-duration-tests storable
- distribution of patient values for each test specimens can be called up separately
- reference curve for each RIA/IRMA test can be called up as average value of all individual tests Continuous Measurement of standard and patient samples
- also during curve calculation and during printout,by examination of the curve 
- thereby faster throughput of the complete test without unnecessary waiting times After selection of the main menu the parameters required for a RIA/IRMA test can be put in. 

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